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Discover Chris Whiffen's inspiring journey with an LVAD, from a surprise heart condition diagnosis to managing post-op life with at-home INR testing and personalized supply kit deliveries. Learn how ODI's unique and customized care has empowered Chris to lead a relatively normal life as a father while navigating the challenges of congestive heart failure.


February 6, 2024 ODI INCAnnouncementsNews

Learn about the significance of Heart Month and how LVAD patients actively participate in promoting cardiovascular health. Physicians' role in educational campaigns, screenings, and patient check-ins during this month is highlighted. Join Orthodynamics (ODI) in celebrating Heart Month, fostering awareness, and prioritizing heart well-being.


Your insurance might be changing in 2024, but that shouldn’t mean a gap in your care. As insurance plans evolve, it’s crucial for LVAD patients to stay informed about coverage changes. Here are three questions to keep in mind when facing new or changing insurance.

What Costs Are Associated With  Durable Medical Equipment (DME)? 

ODI is in network with most insurers, but when selecting an insurance plan, it’s crucial to discuss coverage for your LVAD equipment and supply needs. Contact your insurance provider to inquire about coverage details for driveline supplies, coagulation management, and vitals monitoring to ensure that you have the necessary support to maintain optimal LVAD health at home.

Is My Care Team In-Network? 

It’s important that LVAD patients receive consistent care regardless of changes to their insurance provider. When looking to change insurers or plans, make sure that your new insurance plan includes your preferred doctor and care team. Additionally, you’ll want to know how prescriptions are fulfilled. Also check on a plan’s formulary, which lists the covered drugs and any associated costs. 

What Are the Out of Pocket Costs Associated with This Plan? 

Inquire about premiums, deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance for each plan option. These may differ widely, so don’t be afraid to ask for clarification. Understanding the costs will help you budget and make an informed decision.

Navigating insurance changes can be complex, but for LVAD patients, it’s a crucial aspect of ensuring uninterrupted access to the care they need. If you’re looking at making changes to your insurance plan, consider consulting an insurance advisor. 


Discover essential tips for staying active with an LVAD during the winter. From indoor activities like yoga to bundling up for outdoor exercises, maintain physical fitness for overall health. Learn to protect your LVAD during workouts, stay hydrated, and enjoy social exercises. Consult your care team for personalized advice on integrating an active lifestyle safely with your LVAD care.

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